XBOX One release date in India set in October 2014

Microsoft has internally set the XBOX One release date in India around October 2014, reports IGN (India). The source seems to have obtained insider information from Microsoft about their global release plan for the latest XBOX. The gaming console would make it India in October and other countries like China, turkey, Portugal, SA and Turkey. Japan, S. Korea, HK, Singapore, Taiwan and Russia will get the console in the next few weeks; mostly in April. The price of console isn't known yet, but it's going to be dearer (we expect about Rs. 50k) than Sony's Playstation 4, which's already seeing a lot of customers in Indian subcontinent. Of course, this is still a rumour and we do not know whether Microsoft even plans to bring the console to other countries at present.


The information was first leaked by a NeoGAF community user who seems to have accessed the XBOX One announcement plan. Microsoft has not officially commented on the release date; and we'd expect the most common response from them, "Microsoft does not comment on rumors".

We however think October launch is quite possible. Sony's PS4 is already receiving a great response world-wide and Microsoft's XBOX too broke previous records in console sales. The biggest challenge however remains in ramping up the overall games lineup. Shortage of games for the new platforms continues to remain the number one complaint of the hardcore gaming community.

Do we have any takers for XBOX One in India?

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  • Netradeep Dhonde
    Netradeep Dhonde
    The main advantage i think of XBOX One over PS4 is that XBOX One comes with Kinect which is great for motion sensor gaming....We have to buy it separately for PS4

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