• Big trucks and cars often block the sight on the highways which makes overtaking them a difficult business. Wouldn't it be very nice if the drivers could see the road 'through' the vehicles to make a well informed decision about overtaking? A team of researchers from University of Porto (Portugal) has developed a new technology that equips the drivers with x-ray vision that lets them see through the vehicles cruising ahead of them. This new system called "STS" enables the drivers to take better decisions whether to overtake the slow moving truck or not.


    The system uses Augmented Reality (AR) technique with the use of a camera mounted on the front vehicle. The rear car has a transparent LCD integrated into the windshield to display what the camera on the front vehicle is seeing. There's only a lag of about 200 milliseconds in the resulting video; which means if driver's car is moving at 90 kmph; the oncoming car would look 10 meters farther than its actual position.

    The researchers say that the results they've obtained so far are very promising, especially after the use of 801.11p wireless communication protocol. This protocol allows a quicker connection between two vehicles which makes the STS practical and very useful.

    Source: #-Link-Snipped-#
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