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WristQue Gives You Immersive Feel Within Smart Buildings - MIT Research

Question asked by Swagatam M in #Coffee Room on Jan 16, 2012
Swagatam M
Swagatam M · Jan 16, 2012
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology is working on a project named WristQue, to develop a wristband which would work to give you the comfort you always needed when you are at home or in office. This wristband works as a central controlling device, which combined with sensors fitted in and around the building works to maintain the room temperature and lighting for all the comfort you need.


Joe Paradiso along with other researchers at MIT's lab have designed the wristband, which is 3D printed containing a microprocessor and some sensors which are used to get information on temperature, humidity and light changes in the environment. The wristband would use ultra-wideband radio frequency to communicate with the sensors of the building and relay the commands wirelessly for making the changes in the environment.

The current design of WristQue is having only three buttons, out of which two are used to convey the warmth or coldness of the user, while the third is used to activate gesture control for controlling nearby electronic objects like TV or computers. The development team has successfully tested the climate control buttons and the sensors which detect the presence of humans and set the room temperature accordingly. The temperature and environmental changes in the smart building are achieved using sensors which operates the windows and cooling systems of the room. The intelligent software in the smart building can also preset the environment by predicting the next occupant of the room and changing the settings before the occupant arrives.

The WristQue development team plans to add more functionalities by adding some extra control features for lighting and using other electronic objects.

Source: NewScientist  |  Image Source: GadgetReviews Posted in: #Coffee Room

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