Working professional preparing for CAT - Tips Needed

HI guys,

I am currently working for Wipro IT (8 months).My engineering background is EEE.
During my second year of engg, i figured it out that i wanted to do my MBA. I Don't like getting too deep into technical stuff,though i love technology(hardware).

I got recruited through Campus placement in Wipro. Even i thought of working for 2yrs and then do my MBA.
But as i started working, i realized i don't want to do this.I mean it's very hard for me to sit in front of desktop and look at codes and i don't enjoy working.So i joined TIME for CAT 14.

But i hardly get time to study...i work around 10-12 hrs a day and my flow of studying breaks quite often,and i have to start all over again.In office also i try working out problems,but due to work pressure i am not.My mind is totally in conflict to what to do...i can't concentrate on either things.But i enjoy preparing for CAT.

I am planning to resign by next march 2014,as my probation period will be over.But i am finding it very hard to take this decision. I mean there is a lot of risk involved.

Will this work-ex help me.



  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Welcome to CE, @#-Link-Snipped-# . Many working professionals face this difficult situation. The best strategy in such situation is this -

    1. Take as many mock tests as you can and determine where you stand in the competition. If you are confident of getting into the institutes you want to get into - resign and dedicate yourself to studies. But make sure that your rank in mocks averages out not less than 200 or 250.

    2. If your rank in mocks isn't up to your expectations, you should check your progress in the past mocks. Is your rank steadily increasing? If yes, will adding more effort make sure that your rank improves? If yes - you may think about resigning and then dedicating yourself to CAT 2014 preparation.

    3. If your ranks aren't improving and you do not feel confident of getting into the institutes you want; I'd suggest looking for a company sponsored, executive MBA option.

    There's one thing I want to bring your attention to. The technical profile won't remain forever in Indian IT companies. If you work hard and make right career moves, you can get into the 'management mode' in the next 4-5 years. You'll no longer be dealing with code; but doing most of the 'management' work (read Excel, Outlook & Power Point).

    I'd recommend quitting job only when you are confident of achieving your goals. It may mean you put 16 hours of hard work every day; but you'll have to do it. There's no short cut there. But trust me, it's possible.
  • Rocksolid

    Basically i don't want to continue in IT...always wanted to be in marketing or sales.I just entered the industry for completing 2 yrs of work-ex...but finding it really-really hard.

    I am sure if put my efforts, I will achieve what i want.
    The only thing i am not sure of is resigning a good idea and will it effect my chances of getting good colleges...i am aiming top 15-20.

  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    You'll have to be very specific about your choices. You can be in Wipro or other IT company and still be handling marketing or sales. Like I said before; you'll have to decide on quitting IT Job depending on your score. Your first priority should be to search for the profile you are looking for within your own organization.

    The kind of job IIM folks are doing these days makes me wonder they really need an MBA.
  • Mrinal Singh
    Mrinal Singh
    Well, for the moment I thought that I have written this post as I have been facing this problem, so found this topic while search how to crack CAT! Even found some institutes online providing Crash courses, so enrolled in one at WiziQ , at 6500 INR. The batch will start around 1st Aug, so by the time I can wrap up my work, right now they are offering 50 live classes and 100+ tests, as told by them. Lets see how it goes, here is the link if you are interested :

    Hope it helps! All the best for CAT 2014!!
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    #-Link-Snipped-# - How about being less advertisey here? 😀 The link's been removed.
  • Sunny Kichloo
    Sunny Kichloo
    #-Link-Snipped-# Don't take decision too soon As mentioned above it is much better too take free mock test of CAT they are easily available and based on your performance you can see how much preparation you need.Doing MBA is better but be little patience and take decision after lots of analysing.Things you are experiencing happens to everyone .Join some MBA Forums and give some Mock test and if you have any doubts you can easily post in this forum.

    I am also facing same issue . I am working in Wipro for 6 months and I am hardly getting time because I have to work 10 hours a day and even on weekends. I have a bond period of 12 months which will end in July . Thinking of quitting job and prepare for CAT. I am interested in finance so thinking of taking some finance related course and prepare for CAT. Is it going to affect my chance of getting into a good college? 

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