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Project Abstract / Summary : Description:
SMS based Electronic Notice board using GSM modem has a Display made up of matrix LEDs. Wireless message board can be used to display informative messages, notice, or any announcements. These messages can be changed by sending SMS from our mobile. GSM based wireless notice board will display the message which is sent by user.
In this project we not only send the data but send the data with pass code also. Which enables us to prevent the unauthorized use of LCD display board and only the person who have pass code can have access to LCD board .
This wireless notice board project mainly focuses on transmission of textual data through air interface by the use of GSM through asynchronous serial communication. The data will be processed by the microcontroller on both ends. The data will be displayed on LCD only after entering unique pass key.
Actually what happens is, sending SMS through phone has become very popular and if we can use this SMS to control devices and in displaying data. It is possible to receive or decode the SMS globally by using GSM, by the any part of world we can control and display data on LCD board.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : User friendly: Messages are only to be typed on a mobile or a computer, which in turn are displayed wirelessly on the display unit.
Eliminates use of printers: Since we donâ„¢t use papers to display information, printers are also of no use in this system.
Faster means of transferring information: There is no delay in transmission of information. Messages are displayed in a matter of seconds after typing.
Long Range: As long as we have the required network coverage we can send messages from any part of the world.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Participating Team From: First Year

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