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@Banu priya Ruthrakotti • 10 Mar, 2015
Project Abstract / Summary : This project is to design and develop a wireless digital notice board using Arduino GSM modem.The project is based on Arduino with GSM Shield for sending and receiving messages.The LED at the receiver end displays messages sent from the personal computer. It consists of 2 sections:Transmitting section , Receiving section. When anyone wants to show any information or message, then sender sends a message from PC.The transmitting Arduino reads the message and sends it to receiving section through GSM shield.The receiving Arduino and the GSM shield send it to the LED Display.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Notice Board is primary thing in any institution / organization or public utility places like bus stations, railway stations and parks. But sticking various notices day-to-day is a difficult process. This project deals with an advanced wireless notice board.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Institute/College Name: Velammal Engineering College
City: Chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
Participating Team From: Final Year
@Abhinav100 • 26 Jan, 2016 where is the project? I need it.
@Harshad Italiya • 26 Jan, 2016 • 1 like
where is the project? I need it.
There is no ready project. If you want to make one by yourself then feel free to start a new thread and you can get help from fellow CEans.
@Aparna sykam • 08 Mar, 2017 I want project documentation

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