• hello friends i a had a remote control car with wireless configuration using RX2B and TX2B ics whin i check the both differently they worked well but they can't be able to communicate with each other. Can any body tell me how to set there communication.
    i checked RX2B by short ciruiting its pins and it will rotate the motor in required direnction very well. and in TX2B case i checked it by a radio and it cuts its frequency and send a frequency but i can't be able to check in which range.the wiring is well but both remote and car not be able to communicate.
    i tried the internet but it can't be help me.first of all i want to know how to check there is a common frequency range or can i do it?
    and then i want to know if its not then how can i manage or set them to communicate with each other?
    guys pls help me i really want to repair it but don't know the prcedure to advanced debugging the pls help me if any body know it pls reply fast.
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  • Jeffrey Arulraj

    MemberOct 5, 2013

    Lets start from the basic
    • Use a multimeter to check the continuity of both the transmitter and receiver circuit
    • Next see if the battery used is proper and giving the rated supply voltage and the rated current
    • If the above is cleared then the error is in the transmitter IC's Try changing them
    Checking them using tester kits is one way to see proper functioning of IC's
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