Winrosoft's new technique can change your password every minute

These days everyone is concerned about the security of their accounts. Our passwords are in letters, numbers or in special characters. Everyone has to manage 5 or more passwords for different sites. It is really very difficult to remember them all. And as hacking a password has become a routine now a days, it is not at all good practice to use the same password everywhere.


What's The Idea?

Winfrasoft is currently working on a method to develop a password that changes every minute. This includes use of Sudoku like puzzles and passwords with visual patterns to access your account. It can eliminate the security issues as well as the problem of remembering 20-30 passwords.

Stevan Hope, Managing Director, Winrosoft believes that the current way of using passwords makes them vulnerable to hacking attacks. As a solution to this, Winrosoft has come up with a new technology that uses passwords which change every minute.

How It Works?

The user is needed to select a pattern on the grid as their password. The grid on the screen would have four different colors and it is designed in such a way that the numbers on it change every minute. This means your password is changed every minute. Nobody can see what numbers you are looking as each number is present six times in this grid. This gives a good visual description for your password and along with this it becomes very difficult for the hackers to hack.

This is an amazing technology which will allow users to make their password more secure without the need to remember them all the time. What do you think of this technology? Suggest in comments below.

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  • Rajni Jain
    Rajni Jain
    Is any software giant, actually using this technology / software?

    Any clue how they are doing the authentication at server end? Are they storing the pattern in the Data base? or the set of numbers?
    What is the mechanism of populating numbers in grid and then verifying it with server...

    All puzzled 😁
  • lal
    To be honest, I didn't get it. Sounds interesting, but I seriously didn't get it. How does the user selct a pattern? By looking at it? How does the user know his password if it changes every minute?

    A little information is missing here and there or did I not understand it properly?

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