Windows Phone OS 7.1 Mango Developer Firmware Invitations Are Out

Registered Windows Phone developers now have access to a beta build of Windows Phone Mango, the major upgrade to the smartphone operating system that's due in fall. The beta build doesn't include everything that Mango will eventually include, but does have major features like multitasking, background tasks, programmatic access to the camera, network sockets, and more.
News around tech sites have been pouring in this morning that it was rumored that Mango would be released to developers possibly Thursday (June 30th), but without warning from


  • You must have an active, validated App Hub account.
  • Only one phone update per developer.
  • If you have updated to Mango build 7661 and wish to develop applications for the device, you must update your development environment to #-Link-Snipped-# .
If you are not currently registered as a Windows Phone developer and wish to join you can register by visiting : #-Link-Snipped-#


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