Windows Phone 8.1 Emulator Video Out, Features In Demo

Windows phone 8.1 update is generating high curiosity among Windows phone users and developers. Recently, Latest Windows Phone 8.1 Leaks Are About Notification Centre And Cortana were leaked through screenshots of new notification center. Today we have a video which demos the Windows phone 8.1 emulator that reveals some great features of WP8.1. Since, it is emulator build it does not have all feature which we were expecting, like Cortana voice assistant and notification center (Keep in mind it is leaked build not an official OS).

Let’s move to the User-Interface (UI) of WP8.1, a new navigation bar on-screen to allow customization. Navigation bar can be customized i.e. we can change the colour of navigation bar according to the accent colour or background colour of the running application. When there is no need of navigation bar, one can simply slide it down.


You can see that in the video there is no difference in UI of Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, but they have increased the usability of current UI. GDR3 update bought a change that closes running application during app-switcher view. Usability of this feature is increased by simply sliding it down rather than tapping ‘X’(close button) and we cannot close multiple apps at once. Another feature is, it shows splash screen until the application load itself completely just like iOS and desktop Windows 8.1.With Storage Sense application, now user can store WP application in microSD just like an android and this feature is good for low-end WP having low internal storage.

Internet Explorer 11 brings refreshed UI and engine too. Youtube runs flawlessly on IE11 and now IE 11 supports WebGL i.e. web based 3D graphics. Tabs of IE can be access from app-switcher which shows their individual entries in it and which makes IE more user friendly. Volume controls are also been refreshed by adding control over every audio setting (e.g. media volumes and ringer volumes). There is an upgrade in basic WP camera app, Burst shot button is introduced in addition to video recording and old-fashioned still photography. Music+video application is now coming in two separate applications as videos app and music app. Windows phone 8.1 will have bunch of pre-installed Bing apps.

Moving on to SDK, support for QHD screens is been introduced, which helps in developing applications for high dpi phones and tablets in a huge way.

Here is the video demoing Windows Phone 8.1 emulator:

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  • Dhananjay Harkare
    Dhananjay Harkare
    I'm expecting much from 8.1 release. I think it would tend more towards Android and iOS devices.

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