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Smeechi Mittal
Smeechi Mittal • Aug 2, 2012

Windows 8 Tutorial From Microsoft Guides You In Setup Process, Explains Metro UI

The most awaited OS - Windows 8 has a slightly different interface than the traditional windows. The new Windows is based on Microsoft's Metro Design Language (Similar to the one in Windows Phone), which is designed to suit touchscreen inputs along with the traditional mouse and keyboard inputs. At a first look you would definitely feel the absence of the traditional 'start button' which is replaced by a 'start screen'  and the taskbar while using the new Metro Apps.


Understanding that getting comfortable with the new Windows could be tough at first, Microsoft has added a tutorial  to the Windows 8 setup. The tutorial explains the utility of the new interface to users, which include - swiping up to open up start screen, swiping from left to multitask between the apps, swiping from right to open the charms bar and similar features.

Source : VentureBeat | Via: Darren Baker

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