Windows 10 Updates & Apps Will Be Distributed Using Peer-To-Peer Technology

A leaked build of Windows 10 technical preview suggests that it will allow users to download updates and some apps from other computers. The Windows 10 build 10036 appeared on torrent and file sharing websites ahead of its official rollout. When the folks from The Verge fiddled around the leaked version they found a new Update Settings window that gives the user the freedom to choose whether he/she wants to download Windows update and apps from Microsoft’s servers or from multiple sources aka other computers. It then asks whether you want to download updates and apps from computers on your local network or from local computers as well as computers on the internet. Microsoft says in the settings menu that this peer-to-peer method is faster than the conventional way of downloading updates from Microsoft’s servers.

Windows 10 Update

Microsoft had quietly acquired Pando Networks in March 2013. Pando Networks had developed a hybrid peer-to-peer and server-based protocol that included central control over file distribution, intelligent throttling between peers and servers, analytics and security. Since this new feature was leaked before its official release, we do not have any official information from the Redmond based software giant about the intricacies of this technology. We do however can tell you about its advantages and disadvantages.


Hassle-free Update Download: If you have ever tried to update your computer or smartphone or tablet with a new operating system, you might have noticed that during the first few days from the launch everyone is hounding on the company’s servers and the download speeds are woefully slow. This peer-to-peer technology will make sure that there are multiple sources to speed up your update downloads.

Saving Internet Usage: As you can see from the screenshot above, there is an option that allows you to download updates from computers on your local network. This is brilliant if you have multiple systems running the same operating system. You can download updates on one system and share it among other systems using your local network.


Security: Since Windows update will be handed to people for distribution, they can easily tamper with it. So Microsoft has to develop ways to make sure that this does not happen.

Hidden Network Usage: In the leaked screenshots we haven’t yet seen a feature that gives the user the option to stop sharing an update. For example, if a user has received the update and has enabled this option he/she may be also responsible for sharing the update on the internet and that can result in some hidden internet usage which may anger people who have limited internet usage.

In the end, we would like you to take this news with a pinch of salt because of two reasons. First, the build is not an official one from Microsoft and second Microsoft has a habit of including new features on test builds that it may or may not include in the final retail version of Windows.

Image and News Courtesy: Microsoft to deliver Windows 10 updates using peer-to-peer technology - The Verge


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