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@sundarakumar • 07 Feb, 2015
Project Abstract / Summary : ABSTRACT
the project is wind based water pump is used to draw water using wind.the main parts in the project is rotating blades, gear and wheel setup ,cylinder and piston arrangement, one way valves, suction valves ,foot valves and wind direction pointer. the vanes in the turbine are rotated with constant speed . the gear setup can be adjusted to control the speed of the fly wheel . a connecting rod is connected with the fly wheel . the connecting rod will move up and down when the fly wheel is rotated. a cylinder and piston arrangement is connected with the connecting rd. when the rod is moving up and down , the piston inside the cylinder moves up and down and thereby operates a one way valves is closed when the piston moves up and opened when the piston moves down. a foot valve is connected at end of the suction pipe inside the foot valve, there is a one way valve. the one way valve is closed when the piston moves up and opened when the piston moves down .thus there is alternate flow of water in the delivery pipe. this project no need of electric power and fuel.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : this project is mainly based on mechanical project .this project is mainly using renewable source is used and this project mainly cable to useful in the village people also can be used this project . this project may used in many hill station and high wind energy place can be use this project and also these project will be useful to common poor people

Project Category : Mechanical / Automobile / Aeronautical
Institute/College Name: dmi college of engineerinng
City: chennai
State: tamilnadu
Participating Team From: Third Year

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