22 Nov 2018

Will you use Google Neighbourly App?

Google's started rolling out the 'Neighbourly' app as a part of its 'Next Billion Users' app. The app lets you ask questions like "Which is the best school in this area?", "Where can I get fresh paneer?" et.al; and get answers from people who live in your neighbourhood. 

The key success factor of this app is going to be the number of people who're using this app. As far as I know, no one in my area is using this app.

I'm curious to know - will you use this app? 

22 Nov 2018

If I want some info from a neighbour, I’d rather ask directly than on the net. 

I am uncomfortable with the anonymity of the www.

Why am I then in CE?

 I got into CE only after a considerable investigation. It wasn’t a casual click.

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