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Raviteja.g • Oct 31, 2008

Will you ask Gabbar to spin the barrel

You were trekking in the hills of Chambal when you were caught by Gabbar Singh. He took out his special gun with 12 chambers for bullets. He opened the barrel and showed you that all the twelve chambers were empty. He then took three bullets and put them in the gun touching each other. He then took another three bullets and placed them in the gun touching each other but on opposite side of the first three bullets. He closed and spun the barrel.
Now the gun had six chambers with bullets and six empty chambers. He put the gun to your head and pulled the trigger - the chamber was empty! 😁Gabbar Singh laughed maniacally and said – “Kamal ho gaya, tu to bachh gaya (miracle happened, you survived). I will pull the trigger once more – if you survive again I will let you go. Do you want me to spin the barrel before I pull the trigger again?” Will you ask Gabbar to spin the barrel before he pulls the trigger again?😉 Provide a detailed explanation.
Differential • Oct 31, 2008
Now as I haven't seen the 12 chambers gun I don't know if there is any other way to make the decision except probability calculations !

The probability of having next chamber being empty is double than it containing bullet. So I would ask him not to spin the barrel.
pooja sehgal
pooja sehgal • Nov 4, 2008
not to spin the barrel if the barrel would move clockwise
spinning the barrel is risky as 5 chambers = empty & 6= filled
amit00 • Nov 19, 2008
This puzzle (and many others) posted here are from - Online preparation for CAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT, FMS, JMET and other MBA exams for admission to IIMs and Other MBA Institutes. I use that site regularly. Anyway - the correct answer is do not spin the barrel. You can get a detailed explanation from testfunda - I am not sure if I can copy paster the solution from there.
Raviteja.g • Nov 19, 2008
ya i am sorry for not giving the source of puzzle
anyway amith you are right!
the answer is not spin the barrel

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