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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 28, 2012

Will Israel Attack Iran?

The tension in the middle east is all time high it seems. People have already been talking that the world is about to witness the third world war and given the nuclear weapons, we can't ignore the wars happening thousands of miles away from where we live. The world is one place and what's happening should matter to each one of us.

Israel's worry is that if Iran develops nuclear weapons, then their existence is in danger as Israel fears that Iran will use them against them. While Iran has its own reasons of developing nuclear weapons (though they've been saying that their nuclear program is meant for peaceful use).

No country seems to back off and the stance each country is taking in this situation becomes more important than ever.

Do you think Israel will ultimately attack Iran? If they do, will we see the beginning of the third world war?
CE Designer
CE Designer • Feb 29, 2012
I agree that what happens even half way around the world from where you are should be of great concern espeacially with an issue like this.
My view is if Iran should stop then every country should follow suit.
If however there is alot of transparency in Iran's nuclear projects and it is shown that it is being done for good use then there is no need for fear. If they are conducting their operations behind closed doors then they must have something to hide and that something most likely will be bad.
I am not following the situation closely but i am aware.
If there is little/no transparency in the project then i fear Israel will have no choice but to retaliate.
Is the USA supporting Israel's resistance?
lovejeet • Feb 29, 2012
i guess USA is the biggest game player in this issue. it doesn't allows anything to happen against it's wish. it used to be against Israel and when the Iran nuke program started, it suddenly got lenient on Israel, seeming it as the biggest power near Iran. but in my view, Israel won't attack since attacking on iran will cost him a lot and it's already surrounded by the enemy countries. instead, some action can be seen through the USA or the European forces.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 29, 2012
I doubt whether USA was against Israel ever. Every country has their own agenda. But I know Israel's fear. A small country surrounded by countries multiple times in size who don't acknowledge the existance of Israel.

But my views could be biased. I was invited by Israel to see the other side of the story last year.

But in any case, I just hope that Israel shouldn't attack Iran and Iran makes sure that the nuclear program they have is indeed for the good use.

All the developed countries should give up on the nuclear weapons first before making sure that other countries don't have nukes.

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