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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 23, 2018

Will AI (Artificial Intelligence) create more jobs or take our jobs away?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a reality and the speed at which computers are learning new stuff is mind-boggling. The general thought these days is that the AI (Artificial Intelligence) will take away most of the common jobs; but then we can't deny the possibility of it creating newer jobs. 

I'd like to hear the opinion of our fellow CEans on how AI is going to impact the job markets. Do you expect it to create more jobs than the ones it'd eliminate? 

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Looking forward to your responses, folks. 

Well, essentially this is a broad area to discuss.

First lets understand the difference between machine learning and AI.

Both sound similar but - ML is actually set of algorithms which are coded on what to do. For example, predicting some number or classifying yes or no.

On the other hand, AI is also used to do either predict or classify but it actually learns from the data and corrects itself on what needs to be done.

Now coming back to jobs, there are so many new jobs that are opened in India and abroad for data analysts and data scientists etc.

Losing jobs- as of now what we have seen is basic(automation) work is being done using ML and AI and those jobs with no involvement of knowledge or repetitive tasks would be gone. So we are losing jobs here.

Now let's look at the how anything is evolved, if we look at the technology advancements, there are so many changes, in 2000 HTML CSS are the technologies for getting jobs in India, later Structs, springs etc dominated.

Now the complexity in programming is reduced. what goes for 10 lines in java is now 2 lines in Kotlin.

Similarly, the deployment was a 2-day task in yesteryears, but we have AWS and we have so many services which is essentially automating the tasks which takes a lot of time without much of a use.

Nowadays most of the companies are using some ML and AI in their application,. most of the websites have the chat option with some minimum knowledge, and there is a potential of generating more jobs in this field if we are taking up that skill. So here we are getting more jobs!

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