Why M.S in U.S?? Research is the key word.

Doing MS from any of the universities in the U.S. calls for advance planning and doing considerable research on the specialisations offered by various departments. Unlike in India, most of the engineering courses in the U.S. are interdisciplinary and you may find communication engineering course being offered by electrical engineering departments in many universities.
It is better if a student starts his/her planning from the middle of the third year. By then you will know what your average percentage is and how much effort you will have to put in to improve it further.
U.S. universities follow rigid criteria for admissions. They evaluate the candidate by marks obtained in the basic degree, scores obtained in GRE and TOEFL, ranking of the college and university passed out from and reflection of genuine intention in the Statement of Purpose (SoP).
It becomes obvious that if you have high percentage and scores, you can expect to get into a university of better standing. You must check out what scores can get you into which university. There also universities are ranked and many universities have poor ratings.
Electrical and Computer Engineering departments are termed ECE. Communication engineering courses are usually offer by this department.
You must research at least 20 universities to check out the courses offered. Many courses are unique in subject content and syllabi vastly differ for each university.
Shortlist five universities that you would like to apply for. After the recession many of the universities are revamping the curriculum to suit emerging business necessities and trends.
If you take the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Maryland, College Park, it offers some of the best courses in Telecommunication Engineering. The MS in Telecom programme has a combination of core telecom engineering and business subjects in the syllabus.


Along with several options for specialisation such as Satellite Communication Systems, Optimisation and Analysis of GSM Networks, Advanced Wireless Communications Networks, and Design and Analysis of Communication Networks it provides business-related course modules such as Economics of International Telecommunications Policy and Regulation, Management and Organisational Behaviour in Telecommunications Industry, Competitive Strategies and Public Policies in Telecommunications, Decision Support Methods for Telecommunications Managers and Project Management for Telecommunications.
The advantage of opting for such a course would be that you not only improve your technical knowledge but also get insights into the business and operations of the particular industry.
The technology-driven business world has become highly competitive and the tech manager should also be able to understand the costs constraints in developing new technology and getting people to use it through gadgets and applications.
Look at iPhone, iPads and Tablets. This also means down the road you not need think of MBA for a few years until you are getting into the top management role.
This is just an example of course offering from one university.
Conduct your own research and you will be able to find a course that will suit your thinking and liking.
Check out the credentials of the university even before you apply as the application costs may be Rs. 5,000 or more and may go waste if it is a dubious university.
Scholarships are available only in few numbers and the selection criteria are vastly different for each university. Usually, aid is provided by research organisations or business houses, so they determine the basis of funding a particular student in a specified course.

Courses and facilities

Get information on courses and facilities at the university of your choice through student forums on social networking sites such as Twitter and facebook.com
Also be thoroughly informed about student visa rules. U.S. authorities are very strict in implementing immigration and visa rules. Any violation can jeopardise your future.

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  • knightfire
    i'm a 2nd year ece student..... I'm interested in your thread.. Can you suggest me some us univs..... I've got a cgpa of 9.01.... Can you also suggest if there's any scholarships....
  • Reya
    Whats your score in GRE?
  • chanukya
    Whats your score in GRE?
    Hi Reya,

    I am planning for MS in Jan 2013. Before proceeding to shoot-out my issue, i will just give you small intro about myself.

    I pursued B.tech in Mechanical with 76% in 2008 and joined Software Industry (TCS). Being a mechneer, I didnt get chance to dig into Mechanical Software. Indeed I am completely involved into Computer Science Technologies like datawarehousing, Programming etc., Right now I completed 3 years in TCS and still continuing with good payscale.

    Now, I want to pursue my higher education (MS) in Computer Science. I approached few consultancies in Hyderabad and they are insisting me to go for MIS (Master in Information Systems) course rather than Computer Science (CS) since my graduation will have less number of credits which Computer Science Course offers.

    In this scenario, what should I do? How to proceed with my GRE/ToEFL exams and funding etc.,

    Irrespective of these dubious questions in my mind, I am heading to give my GRE on June 6.

    Your quick reply is highly appreciated.

  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    #-Link-Snipped-# Good information. R&D is what lands most students in US for MS.

    #-Link-Snipped-# Have you started with your GRE/TOEFL preparations? The revised GRE has a little tough English sections. Did you browse the different threads on CE related to Revised GRE? Do go through them all once.

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