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pallavi agarwal
pallavi agarwal • Jun 3, 2008

Why is java called so?

I am Pallavi Agarwal and I am a computer science engineer. I wanted to know why the programming language Java is called Java? Can someone please explain this.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jun 3, 2008
Re: why java is called so??

Do we have James Gosling here? 😁

James Gosling created new programming language in 1991. He decided to call it C++++ ! James was told that he cannot name a programming language like that. So, the new language was called Oak (as the story goes, Gosling named the language while staring at the Oak tree from his window).

The name "Oak" was later dismissed due to a patent search which determined that the name was copyrighted and used for another programming language. 😔

Finally, the language was named after coffee during Gosling's visit to a local coffee shop! 😀

That's why the name JAVA!
maqsood • Jun 6, 2008
Java is a spanish word meaning to coffee
Alien • Jul 16, 2008
N we r learnin how to drink coffee!!! gr8 ,,pretty nice info 😀
gohm • Jul 16, 2008
I'm suprised nobody tried making up a fake accronym to explain java
shashank gupta
shashank gupta • Jul 16, 2008
java is said java because it is a name of a coffee.
Yamini L
Yamini L • Jul 17, 2008
JAVA is JAVA only (it is not an Acrynom)
iamcrazy • Jul 19, 2008
hahha so what should it be..
can i order java
saurabh • Jul 21, 2008
thanx i didnt know it....
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