• I just watched the movie Apollo 18. Well it is a built up obviously but it poses some serious questions on the Lunar Missions. Later I tried to surf more about the Moon Missions and some official data seems good. But it is confusing that whenever you try to google about why man never went back to the moon, a lot of controversial stuff appears. Some claim that NASA never made it to the moon.

    Well there is a serious question, in none of the images taken from the moon, images of earth or anything else, STARS ARE MISSING. Now how is this possible. This stuff is all confusing. Apart from that some websites show stuff like, shadows or moving objects in video and all that, but that is forged i guess because that type of evidence can be easily cooked. But on NASA official website, if you surf Apollo images gallery, they have some original images from the mission. None of them has STARS in them. Now this doesn't seem right.

    Well all this stuff seems pretty confusing and I think a good discussion can be done on this one. Anyone can give some good links to read on this topic. Some cool views are appreciated.
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