@Ankita Katdare • 01 Dec, 2012
So I was searching today for something, when I typed in the Google Search bar, "Why Engineers are.."
And see the results I got -
Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 4.09.37 PM

I found that quite surprising. So, I selected the second option and clicked enter and among the results I got, there were talks about how Indian engineering graduates aren't fit for hire. There were articles in reply to 'An Open Letter to India's Graduating Class' where it was said that the Indian graduates lack thirst for knowledge, language skills, professionalism and creative-thinking.

Do CEans agree with the reasons given above? Or are there other reasons why Indian engineers are unemployed?

Ironically, thousands of students take admission to engineering colleges ONLY for job-assurance. Talk to any parent of a 10+2 student or the student himself, and you will know why they prefer engineering over commerce and arts - for the best job prospects.
@simplycoder • 01 Dec, 2012 • 2 likes This is a very generic questions and I am sure that this question doesn't have one single correct answer.
For starters lets see how engineers are MADE(I did my BE from Mumbai Uni), and I think that there are two types of students, lets discuss the first type (call it type A).

From first semester to last semesters, students enroll in private coaching classes to score higher, the reason varies from "syllabus is too complex","teachers in college don't teach well","seniors recommend this particular sir for some subject as he clears all concepts".. and infinitely more.
To add into this, they refer local publications and ready-made notes of coaching classes. I have even seen my class mates carrying small notes with title "Viva Questions, with Answers".
These students learn things by heart, all the viva questions are mastered, diagrams are ready, and they think they know the concepts which are shared by their coaching class or from local books or from class notes. These types of students even are ready with maths formulas and also know WHERE to apply WHICH and they are ready with syllabus even before a month for exams.

Now lets see the other types of guys who train for engineering in different way.
These guys start of from day one, they carefully analyze the syllabus and chart down a time table.
They refer the reference books, they carry on their work even if they don't get the initial concepts, they read understand think over it. Now to do all these things, they take much longer time to complete same syllabus as compared to type A guys. They spend more time in labs and on google.
But then slowly and steadily, they know answers to questions such as HOW,WHERE,WHICH,WHAT, and most importantly WHY.

Exams in MU are conducted in fashion where they repeat questions and they give scores on the length of content and not on quality. So type A students succeed(high scores, trust me..) whereas type B in most of the cases either score low, require another attempt (trust me on this as well).

Similar experiences in all 4 years, and its very convenient to get projects from outside rather than sitting and working on it for 10-12 hours a week, which type B students do.

When companies recruit, they ask conceptual questions, and some of the recruiters are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their fields but obviously, these questions are not repeated and might be tough, now these guys(type A) are on uncharted grounds and then they don't know that to do. same thing with type B, even if they have stronger concepts than type A, they might not be able to answer, but the key difference is the attitude and habit of being in situation where they don't know how to get out of it they are less worried than type A.

type B guys are passionate about engineering, for them engineering is not only knowing diagrams,formulas,syntax that is where the difference is.

In India, I think that type A guys are much more than type B and hence the result.
I remember this dialogue from Three Idiots which is something like this,
"Ratta maar ke tu college ke char saal to apni izzat bacha lega, lekin life ke agle chalis saal tera bala*** hota rahega bala***"
@[Prototype] • 01 Dec, 2012 You just said everything...
I want to add, during interviews type A dont know the answers while type B despite of knowing the answer are not hired. The reason is, they wont get eligible for interviews in most of the cases. So at the end, the person who knows as well as person who doesnt know are both uemployed. However, the world is open for type B. Everyone gets the opportunity type A mostly fails here. As I even said it earlier, you dont need a degree to be an engineer, neither can any degree make you. You just need to be a passionate engineee rather than forced engineer. However hard you try, a bull can never yeild milk, because he's not meant for it. Same is with humans.
@Abhishek Rawal • 01 Dec, 2012 • 2 likes Our Indian society has screwed this holy profession of Engineering, Whenever I ask any student who gonna/wanna opt for Engineering ,that why they are choosing/chose it; Most answer I hear from them is "Dude after 4 years... white collar job & 50k above per month is every guy/girl's dream,man". I was like come on dude, ya serious? you wanna get stucked up in such ambition-less life.
I think Engineers are equivalent to Scientists, Engineers uses theories of Scientists to make shit real.We tweak the existing stuff for better product & maybe even a new product.

Major role is played by "parents" or say Generation-X people in ruining our profession.I have seen plenty students who wanted to do something else & ended up in Engineering just 'cuz their parents forced 'em.Recently I saw my class-mate drawing something during on-going lecture,asking her what's she doing;she replied that she'll tell me during recess.. it's secret.While in recess she showed me a beautiful dress which she sketched.Man, she is bloody good in it -- so a question automatically dropped from my mouth that "Then why you opted EC Engg".
As usual same answer, Mom wants me to be settled with nice job else I will not get any guy to marry.
-I wanna shake her Mom & wake her up & wanna tell her to take a look at her sketches-
Are these people so fucking dumb in recognizing kid's talent?

Our society has huge amount of people with wrong mindset of just getting "rich" and sadly our society has selected wrong profession to achieve it.

I like TypeA & TypeB kinda people mentioned by CEan simplycoder, but I know very huge amount of Engineers who are A+B/2 type, means who can-reach/are at top of the charts & at the same time technically strong.I am tryna fit myself in.Not bragging just being honest.
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 01 Dec, 2012 Trollie real true Buddy one of my friends just said these words in a private talk I can remember each and every word and this is verbatim to what she said

Me: Hey why yo a bio student chose ECE
Friend: I lost my medical counselling by a mark so I had to take another course
ME: You will have a hard time here then
Friend: Yes I really enjoyed Engineering Drawing other subjects are like tormentors to me
ME: Are you addicted to painting then
Friend: yeah (Her face had a very long grin )
ME: Why not follow that passion ??
Friend: My family forced me into this what can I do?
ME: Then are you planning to work after four years
Friend: Just look at my face and tell who will respect me if I work now (She has a very childish face and never seen her plan crooked )
I hardly find any motive in her for joining in Engineering. Not money or Interest. These people also are in the puddle guys Just because of peer pressure.

Damn government principles are ruinning the lives of future generation.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 01 Dec, 2012 Wow! Threads like this make me happy and the responses happier! I see a ton of valid and heart touching points above. I'll start my reply reading only the headline and nothing else. Are engineers unemployed in India - I don't know. Maybe we'll need statistics to check whether that's a correct statement. I personally know even the dumbest folks in my school now holding jobs with reputed IT companies and even in other fields.

I doubt whether an average engineer in India remains 'unemployed' for a long time. There are plenty of jobs for engineers to take up even in non-engineering fields.

I'd even related with type A and type B students. I myself had interviewed a fresh graduate who didn't have a 'B.E' degree. But this candidate was above average, his knowledge was better than anyone with 3-5 years of experience in the Industry and he absolutely loved what he was doing.

Yet, the HR managers 'rejected' him because he didn't have that bloody 'B.E' degree. I was shocked. I almost had a fight with the managers but found out that it was a useless fight and in the end I'd end up receiving the wrath.

That's one of the reasons we never ask anyone for their degrees or certificates. Even while recruiting for VoiCE we don't look for degrees, workshops, certificates, age, gender etc. We're going to follow this policy for all our future recruits as well.
@sweet_honey • 01 Dec, 2012 I also came across such a situation during my TCS campus.
Since there is a rule that top 5 from all branches will go for direct interview so there both A and B type get selected.
During online test, they have 2 cut offs: lower and upper.👎
Most B type could not qualify due to upper cut off and A type due to lower one. The rest lying in between A and B get chance to face interview.

So here only those got chance who were regular A type since the starting of engineering and B types(very few in comparison to A types).
@Gandalf • 02 Dec, 2012 • 1 like Engineering , Today No longer is about the knowledge and the basics and putting them into practice and implementing them.
Many students today would say that they dont have time , Assignments and many more reasons, Engineers always have reason as lazy we are 😛
It doesn't depend on how good you are ? how better you are ? to get placed now-a-days
Its about how much a management is investing in Training and Placement to give placement opportunities to Students for getting Placed

Such Managements Charge Exorbitant Fees and Students are ready to Pay for it , Since they have a guarantee they will get employed 4 years down the line.

So, Here Students today do not select career / College on basis of their passion to study and innovate in the field , rather for a secure and a risk free future rather than going for a passionate career.

So, In India , Today we produce very high number of engineers where the market has not got a capacity to soak in all the engineers, there was a want and need of good engineers, But now we have overdone it and lost the quality of engineers

Though the engineers are not unemployed today , they eventually find a job and strive to move up the corporate ladder by Jumping companies rather than increasing their knowledge and flying to the top

Some of my friends addressed as 'you' below
If you are in small company obviously you learn more than what your domain expertise is,
as soon as you get a new opportunity with a slightly high pay package without even taking a look at job profiles you jump. Making your learning graph stagnant and making it a more mechanical thing in their new jobs

But all think about just the name of company they work in, They do not see its growth and Future
And Unique concepts they cater too, just "Mujhe kya milta hai " attitudes

Unique Ideas make Companies like Google, Facebook, Apple Exist in the Marketplace, They weren't big when they started , but today they are.
@Saandeep Sreerambatla • 02 Jul, 2013 • 1 like I have a nephew who enrolled into one of the top colleges at chennai. I dont want to mention the college name. He is average student and till 12th he mugs up everything to study.

Now I see that he has improved a bit in what life is, but his assumption after engineering is this. "I paid 14 laks for 4 years , and there are few companies recruit students from our college in bulk. So its the responsibility of the college for me getting a job".

I am surprised, and infact worried. So there will be a similar mindset with most of the students there!!

next , I have one friend who owns a engineering college. Getting an engineering college is easy. If you have land then you will get permission to start a college!

I think we are in sad state, and I really lost hope that our system gets better or our students!

But, everything has an end! 😀
@Ashraf HZ • 02 Jul, 2013
Kaustubh Katdare
I doubt whether an average engineer in India remains 'unemployed' for a long time. There are plenty of jobs for engineers to take up even in non-engineering fields.
This. Its not like its impossible to find other work, if not engineering. If you have graduated with a degree, there must be some skills that you have picked up. These skills are transferable across other domains. Whether its problem solving, etc.

If job market is not favourable, there are other jobs available, even if the pay is less. The opportunities will come later, whether its engineer or your actual passion.

We can do all the blaming we want; to the education system or to our parents. In the end, you are old enough to be responsible for what you want to do!
@mojo • 26 Jul, 2013 why can't I browse through forums and start a new thread, as previously?
@mail154 • 26 Jul, 2013 • 2 likes Reasons Why Engineers Are Unemployed Upto My Level of knowledge

1.Lack/Clash Of Interest
The Interest is the most important thing. One May Interested in Pursuing a Job in Commerce or History. But Due to Willingness in increasing his and his family's economic conditions he is forced into it. It Not Only Occurring in Other Streams But Also Inside Engineering too. Persons Who Interested in Chemical Engineering/Plastic Technology is forced into ECE/EEE for even more opportunities. They Carry their Guilt throughout the four years and then too. That Would Not Definitely Leave them to Study.

2.Studying for Exams only
Topic Itself says it all. They all study for Getting a Top Grade. We Should Relate what we learn with the books.But it doesn't happening right one. It May Help in Entering Post Graduation. That's All.

3.Too Much of Anything is Good For Nothing
Engineering Colleges were almost everywhere now. It Reaches the places which mobile communications even couldn't reach.Some States Have Around 500 Colleges! Even when the machinery runs good,how could you employ such mass numbers? There Should Be a Way to filter the candidates who are eligible to get a carreer in Engineering Field. But that's what happening now? Not Exactly. If You Put Application you could get selected. Then how the standard would be?

4.Differences in the Standard of Colleges
The Students Who get into top colleges is almost settled. But most of them were good at boards and enter there. But they care about nothing then.The ones who enter the second or third colleges though working hard and they are employable with their industry ready skills will undergo a hard phase of their life. They Would End Up Taking their files on the streets where as the 99% holding top college students will be at a 6 month top mnc training camp and employed with a much better income.

5.Students are the not only to blame
Though of the Various problems its not the students or the passed out engineers to blame for.In Abroad they follow the multi-layer education System. They Provide good scope for everything. But when we take our arts/commerce college the facilities are much lower and almost nothing. One student who hail from a poor family wants his family to develop his standard of living. There's nothing wrong about that.When it comes to our nation's villages or semi-urban areas,we found the people in our circle to have improved their standard of living by the help of the engineering degree.So all follow the pattern.There's nothing to blame them.
We Should Make them believe that they would get a good job even if they pursue a career in commerce/history or geology. Till then there would be tons and tons of engineers we would produce and nothing's gonna change here except once we would reach the stage of taking census of the percentage of engineers in total population. 😀 😀

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