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Why does turbocharging stand at C position?

Turbocharger technology is widely used by many automotive enterprises as an economical and effective energy saving and emission reduction technology to meet the fuel consumption requirements and improve the driving performance of automobiles. The significance of turbocharging is to increase engine power and torque by increasing engine intake. The maximum engine power can be increased by 40% after the turbocharger is assembled. At the same time, the fuel efficiency can be increased by nearly 20% and the exhaust emission can be reduced by nearly 20%. On the premise of unchanged power, the overall size of the engine can be reduced, and the cost and weight can be reduced.

The turbocharger is located in the intake and exhaust system of the engine and increases the intake through compressed air. It not only improves engine emissions, but also improves the economy of vehicle fuel.

Because of the high speed and high working temperature of the turbine, the requirement for bearings is very high. The total efficiency of turbocharger can be increased by 5% - 7% by using ball bearings instead of floating bearings. Strict working conditions also put forward high requirements for materials and manufacturing technology of turbochargers. Analysts at Geshi Automobile Research Institute said that new materials for turbochargers are mainly titanium alloys and ceramic materials, which have good heat resistance and can significantly improve engine performance.

The future development trend of turbocharger is electronic turbocharger technology. Electronic turbocharger uses motor instead of exhaust to drive the turbine to rotate, which can eliminate the common turbocharger hysteresis phenomenon, because the motor control is more accurate.

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