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sshikhar21 • Apr 17, 2008

Why does the use of antivirus usually slows down the system


I want to know that why the use of antivirus slows down the computer
although it may not be of very large size
please tell me some latest antivirus which is good and is safe to use

Right now i am using Norton 2007
devesh • Apr 17, 2008
if u r using norton antivirus then it really slows down the processing speed as there are multiple options apart from scanning the drives.u can give a try to Zone Alarm.It will basically help u concerning the security while using the internet.
Waiting for more suggestions..................
Prasad Ajinkya
Prasad Ajinkya • Apr 18, 2008
Hi Shikhar,

An A/v will typically scan your machine and files for infections and virus. So it translates into a lot of disk i/os. If you check out that metric in your task manager you will understand what I am talking about.
Parneet, I understand and appreciate your interest for the Virus / Anti Virus threads (I have noticed that all your posts goes to Virus / Antivirus thread.). However, there is no use of digging such an old thread. So in place of digging down old threads, you can start a new thread with explanations of your views about that problem.

No offence means, please.

it will scan each application,file every time you run it so it will slow down your system
check this link which show
What Really slows Windows down

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