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@Ankita Katdare • 13 Feb, 2015 • 2 likes
If you are applying for a job or facing an MBA interview, chances of you facing that question in any interview scenario are quite obvious. The interviewer wants to know your line of thought, how you took decisions, how passionate are you about your academics etc.

In a job interview (be it for mechanical engineering career or an IT career), when the panel goes through your resume, they try to find loopholes in it. They want to be sure you aren't bluffing. A question such as "Why did you choose mechanical engineering?" or "What made you select computer science?" is thrown at you to see if you can answer it truthfully.

In an MBA interview for a B-school, if you are able to answer why you chose 'engineering' and then are able to justify - 'why mba after engineering', they may want to dig down deeper and ask why this specific branch of engineering..

This is one of the most important questions in an interview. Therefore, let's find out how engineers around here can answer it.

Be as truthful and convincing as you can be and think of it as an actual interview scenario. How would you answer, "Why did you choose your branch of engineering?"
@Ankita Katdare • 23 Feb, 2015 Tagging soon to be graduates @Abhishek Rawal @Dhananjay Harkare @Chirayu Samarth @Jason Estibeiro @Chaitanya Kukde @Aditya Deshmukh
@Chaitanya Kukde • 04 Mar, 2015 Honestly, I didn't. As the saying goes "In India, the branch chooses you." Hell. Engineering wasn't even on my list.
@Koushal Patel • 15 Mar, 2015 • 1 like The best way is to co-relate the dream and the engineering branch. Explain to the interviewer, what was your dream and how to the engineering stream has shaped your dream or the paved the way of your success.
Below is an off-record view, I want to express. Kindly note that, whatever written below is my thought. It can be correct or can be wrong! 😁
Frankly speaking, I had no idea why I choose my branch till now! I had no idea while I was sitting in the hall where seat allocations were happening. In my case, I do not belong to a family who has a knowledge of which branch will make you achieve your dream.
Practically speaking, I find mainly below reasons, why most of the students choose a particular branch?
1. If any of the known senior is suggesting you something, or your parents are suggested by their colleagues about a particular branch, you will end up enrolling in those.
2. Second reason is the observation to the notice board blinking in front of a candidate. Suppose, Mechanical seats are getting filled fast, student will have mental picture that Mechanical is the branch everyone is enrolling, so why not I?
3. People see the placement records of a particular year, and enroll themselves with the same branch which gave best placement. How can you be so sure that, the same kind of result will come up when you become a 4th year student. Risky huh!
4. There is a single seat left at a particular IIT or NIT, student gets enrolled. Here, the tag of IIT and NIT becomes important.

I am a product of point number 1.

What I suggest is, there must be a session on - How to choose a particular branch of Engineering, to make your dream achieve. If a candidate can relate it, they would enjoy doing engineering. 😀
@Jatin Kumar • 16 Mar, 2015 India is a place where a person first become and engineer ,then he come to know what he really want to do with his life. 😁
@Ankita Katdare • 29 Jul, 2015 @Koushal Patel Your CE profile says you are an Instrumentation Engineer. Why did you choose that particular branch? And how did you end up being in the IT industry?
@Rahim Uddin Ahmed • 11 Dec, 2015 • 1 like bcoz of family pressure, as we know that in our country India there is a traditional belief that engineers or doctors are considered successful and others neglected whatever their rank or status may be as was illustrated in "3 Idiots". Whereas in countries like the U.S,
farming and driving truck is considered as a career.But due lack of technological advancements only these two fields are considered as a career in India.
@Cleopas Afful • 12 Sep, 2018 • 2 likes

I just have passion for it. Offering engineer makes you think harder and thereby becoming brilliant. The reason why I chose computer engineering is that the world is now all about technology and for you to know what's going you have to study this course.


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