• pratap singh,

    pratap singh,

    MemberOct 3, 2013

    Why amplitude modulation called so.....


    we are aware that in frequency modulation, frequency of carrier is made proportional to message signals (without adding any constant term). Similar are the principles of phase modulation, angle modulation. Now in this array of concepts, does amplitude modulation not stand out as an exception?

    In this case, we are modifying the amplitude of carrier(as per the message signal) and then we add the term Acos(wt) where w is the carrier frequency to this changed carrier. Many research papers call it a DSB-LC modulation. Don't you think that was the better terminology to be used than amplitude modulation.
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  • Jeffrey Arulraj

    MemberOct 5, 2013

    AM has various form which include DSB-FC, DSB-SC, SSB-SC, VSB and other forms

    In all these the amplitude of the carrier is alone modified and also the actual frequency which is to be transmitted is raised to carrier frequency

    You are right in naming it DSB-LC but in totality we term all these as AM in general and Specifically they have different names
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