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Jayesh001 • Aug 20, 2015

Who's upgrading to Windows 10?

i personally do favour of windows 7,because after introducing of windows 8 all things becomes messy its ok for mobile version but not for lappy and pc,although they removed the start button also,now after introducing of windows 10,users those stuck in windows 7 now jumping to windows 10.Windows 8.1 users have been half again as likely to upgrade to Windows 10 as their compatriots running Windows 7, data from a Web metrics vendor showed today, confirming expectations about who would upgrade first to Microsoft's new operating
User's of Windows 8.1 like 7, eligible for a free upgrade would be first in line to dump their existing OS and migrate to the new. The changes in Windows 10, including the restoration of the Start menu and windowed apps, were most attractive to Windows 8 and 8.1 users, experts believed, because their removal had been widely panned.Data also illustrated just how important Windows 7 conversions will be to Windows 10's ultimate success -- as Microsoft has defined it, that would mean 1 billion devices running the operating system by mid-2018. Even if it coaxed every Windows 8 and 8.1 user into upgrading, Microsoft would be looking at a usage share of less than 21% for Windows 10. It must convince large segments of Windows 7's base to migrate as well.
Aadit Kapoor
Aadit Kapoor • Aug 20, 2015

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