Who said!?

This thread is dedicated to all the egoistic people around the globe who'll always say "Who said!" & "who said?" According to Albert Einstein Nothing can travel with the speed of light or more than it. Somehow light heard that comment from some one and it became more egoistic than any one else in the world but the fact is there were lot of this that will travel faster than light.

For example, According to Stephen Hawking, if a human is travelling in a train which was travelling at 80miles per hour. Now Is the boy is at rest or is he at motion(80miles/hour)

Now consider a boy is in rest inside a body which was in motion at 80miles/hour then it indirectly mean that the boy is travelling at 80miles in a locomotive. It makes sense, isn't it but the boy cannot travel himself at 80miles/hour in practical.

On the basis of this example, let we say the train was travelling on earth which was revolving around itself and rotating around the Sun in 365days. Our Sun is a star in milky way galaxy which means it must be rotating around something. If it does Our galaxy is a part in space and which means our galaxy also might be rotating around something may be around a black hole. Now Is the speed of a galaxy less than light. We know that Black holes kill light. Now you say CEans what'll makes light more egoistic.


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