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Yamini L
Yamini L • Mar 23, 2008

Who performs better in IT : Computer Engineers or Others?

Most of the people working in many software companies are from non-it streams(that is a well known fact)..People are saying that non -it people are performing better than it(cse)people....Being a computer Engineer, it took some time for me to accept this..What dou you all think about this?πŸ˜•
MaRo • Mar 24, 2008
Computer career is mostly about your own thinking & ideas, anyone graduated from non-CS college can be very good and better the CS people but according to how he's thinking, but of course if someone has the CS college & the good thinking will be super πŸ˜‰
vivekji • Mar 24, 2008
There is an old saying in the field of engineering

"Two things are infine in the Engineering world Mathematics & Computer Engineers' Stupidity".

I agree to itπŸ˜›

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