which sensor can be faster for goal blocker robot

Hi guys

we are building a robot that is going 2 be a goal blocking robot, we are going

through a competition that we have 2 block the opponent team from

reaching the goal before us....the challenge is 2 reach a 2m target with the

minimum time( say 15 sec.), so we are still debating on what sensor 2 use,

some says line follower, but i think that could be quite slow...some suggest

anngular encoder...so plz let me hear from my crazy engineers....plz reply

as soon as u can guys......million thnx


  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    If there are lines to follow, a line sensor setup would work. However, I believe using an image-recognition sensor would be the fastest way to reach a target, by using a webcam with an image processing capable microcontroller (or a DSP).
  • faisal
    waw it is a pleasure 2 hear from u ash, i really liked the way that u provided a sourcefull information for robo girl in her project....well i think this is a great idea but i dunn have any basic how 2 use it bro., so do u know any source that i can refer 2....i will try 2 read about it more......btw i finished the platform 2nite, and by next week a 30% of my work must be done....so tough...thnx ash....

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