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hai itz me
hai itz me • Feb 21, 2009

Which motor is suitable for elevator?

is there anyone to help me out...???
which motor is suitable for elevator and also we need rotation at different angle(say 30,60,90,120,180...).some one suggest that servo motor is best.if it is servomotor,what will be highest available torque in servomotor .
is there 30,60 degree rotation possible in servo motor...>
gohm • Feb 21, 2009
what type of elevator, traction or hydraulic?
hai itz me
hai itz me • Feb 22, 2009
the motor which is for the purpose of traction
gohm • Feb 22, 2009
You'll want a gearless DC traction motor for anything larger than a few stories tall. For smaller applications, a geared DC system with a silicon controlled rectifier will be fine. HP will depend on load requirements. For further exploration of vertical transportation, start at this site:

Welcome to Elevator
hai itz me
hai itz me • Feb 22, 2009
thank you for the reply
gohm • Feb 23, 2009
you are welcome, let us know how your project develops & if you have further questions.
hai itz me
hai itz me • Feb 23, 2009
actually, i want to know whether servo motor can be used to rotate for intermediate angles like say 20' , 40' , 80' , and so on.............
hope you understand my question....?

what is the maximum torque available with ac servo motor, i want the torque value in Nm..............
But what is your load requirements??? how you want to operate the elevator??what type of load it is going to carry???...please reply,these are important for selection of motor!!!
hai itz me
hai itz me • Feb 24, 2009
here, load is a car.i want to carry the car in a turntable( used for dual purpose,acts as a lift as well as turn table).........................
the average weight of the car is it possible to use the servo motor for different angle(say 20,40,60 and so on) and also which type of servo motor is suitable for this application............
gohm • Feb 24, 2009
Still need some more info, what is the height of the elevator? Ac brushless step motors are only good for low rise buildings. Komotek & IE are two of many manufactures. So you want the same motor to provide the lift and rotation? Will both movements be independant?
well you will require a heavy duty motor with servo controls!!!
apsingh • Jul 25, 2009
I think "dc series motor"


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