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Pensu • Jun 27, 2011

Which language to use

Hi ppl,

I am coding a program and in that i have to handle a very large amount of data. It can vary from 1 to 1000000000. I am using "C" and "unsigned long int" data type, but my program hangs every time i try to run it over 1000000. Any suggestions???
Why don't you try C#.NET 2008 and use BLOB format?
Pensu • Jun 27, 2011
@praveenscience: will try that...thnks..😀
I said C# because, it is kind of Platform Independent. Mono for Linux and Mac... 😀 And you can use your own C / C++ Codes to work on it... 😀 And, BTW, what is the logic you are trying to implement? I mean, I didn't understand your problem... 😔
Pensu • Jun 27, 2011
Basically i have been given a task to find out primes in the range of 1 to 1000000000. So i made the code but my program hangs as soon as i input data greater than 1000000. So i thought may be its the problem with data type.
Yeah, first of all data type should be some kinda looong integer... and secondly, C doesn't have that much memory to handle the data... 😔
Pensu • Jun 27, 2011
Yeah.....its looks like that. And can you please elaborate the part with memory. Whats this memory restriction???
Dude, C Applications are 16 bit apps, which cannot handle more than 16bit of instruction and data... Whereas C# is a 32 bit application and it can handle much higher data... 😀 Got it?
Pensu • Jun 27, 2011
You are welcome... 😀
rubensg • Jun 27, 2011
Well, you can pretty much do the same function on C just with a different approach. If you machine has multiple cores, you can program in threads so that you make them run on different processing units concurrently. I think that would be enough to handle the amount of data you are going to feed it.

In case that would not be enough, C# would be there to do it for you.
Actually, that doesn't work in C. Since, DOS works only in a single thread model, C too does the same! 😔

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