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@ms_cs • 23 Aug, 2012

I'm a BE graduate and working in MNC as developer. Now I have got 2 years of work experience, I would like to apply for executive mba, or part time mba. Basically after this mba I would like to join public sector banks as PO or MT.

1.But I have no idea whether part time or executive mba will be considered for PO post?

2.Also Please suggest me the college names and universities and exams they are conducting to pursue executive mba or part time mba? Which is the best one?

3. I am already preparing for this year cat exam. Please suggest some college names which use cat score for executive mba.

@ms_cs • 23 Aug, 2012 @Big_K I believe there is some problem, I could see this question listed in entrepreneurship and startups, but when I click on the question, it is showing, like Post graduate exams,.. confused😕
@Kaustubh Katdare • 23 Aug, 2012 I moved it to PG section. We're going to revamp this section in coming days. So everything will look in place. 😀
@ms_cs • 23 Aug, 2012 Any response??
@Kaustubh Katdare • 23 Aug, 2012 Have you looked at the qualifications for the posts you're aiming for? I think that'd give you a better idea. Maybe writing to someone who's already in that position will be a better idea. The only executive MBA I'd suggest is the one offered by ISB; because I 'know' the people who graduate from ISB have the best packages and job offers in India.
@ms_cs • 23 Aug, 2012 Thanks for the reply. I don't know anybody in that position. Also please suggest the colleges in banglaore
@ms_cs • 23 Aug, 2012 any response??
@Kaustubh Katdare • 23 Aug, 2012 Have you seen this: ? IIM-B is a great place for executive education.
@ms_cs • 23 Aug, 2012 But I want MBA degree at the end, which I can apply to banks etc in future if required. IIM executive education does not offer a degree, 😔
@ms_cs • 23 Aug, 2012 also it requires more than 5 years of work experience

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