Which is better for todays vehicles- CDI ignition or Inductive ignition system?

We know that there are many ignition systems widely used in automobile sector to improve the efficiency and timing but there is a necessity for analyzing the best and apt ignition system for present automobiles.
1)IIS- Inductive Ignition system was used for the following cases,
  1. where Lean fuel mixtures are widely used,
  2. to provide prolonged spark duration,
  3. to get better and cleaner burning of lean fuel,
  4. Better reliability.
  5. cdi cdi
2)CDI-capicitive discharge system:
  1. Suitable for oil rich/ rich fuel mixtures,
  2. Can burn off the deposits or residual better than IIS,
  3. Used commonly in older 4 stroke ngines and 2 stroke engines.
I want to know which is better? and suggest the present and future technologies used in ignition system?
Can electronic igition system be trusted?What will be the future system?


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