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@ankitd89 • 14 Nov, 2012
Hi everyone,
I have completed my B.E in Computer science and fascinated about operating system development, Compiler deveopment, but i want the required training. I have heard about the Cdac from many of my friends but they only know about dac course, Please help me which course is suitable for me. Some of the courses like DESD, DSSD, DIVESD are there that provides system development. Please suggest me the best course and center that have good faculties and placement.
@ankitd89 • 16 Nov, 2012 Hello is there anyone to help me out......................................
@Kaustubh Katdare • 16 Nov, 2012 Sorry to see this thread going unnoticed. If I'm not mistaken, most of the CDAC centers are known for their industry connect and placements. DIVESD - is for diploma in embedded & VLSI while the DSSD seems to be for the System Software Development. Couldn't find information about the DESD course though.

Now, understand that these are different courses and given your background in computer science engineer, I'd want you to evaluate your interest in VLSI. There are several opportunities in this domain but you really have to like it to really excel in it and get a job. System Software Development too is quite an interesting course and I believe it should take your programming concepts to the next level.

The best way to make a decision is to find out more information of the course contents and which one looks more interesting to you. This is very critical because unless you choose the course that you're genuinely interested in, it's going to be difficult path ahead.

That said, you can rely on CDAC given their training and placement records. CDAC Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad have been popular among the students for a long time. We can wait to hear from a CEans who's taken a CDAC course to tell us more.
@[Prototype] • 22 Nov, 2012 As per your interest, DIVESD is something totally different. Its related to Integrated circuits design and verification, related to the field of extremely hardcore electronics. This one is actually combination of Embedded and VLSI.

DESD is semi-electronics course, related to the software development for embedded systems that use microcontrollers, ARM processors etc. I said semi-electronics because the programming concepts are same as you've learned already. This one is Embedded systems alone as opposed to the previous one.

You can get detailed information about all the courses here ->
@ankitd89 • 23 Nov, 2012 I have read about the courses i think dssd would be more appropriate for me.. i want to know which centre is best suitable for dssd course hyderabad, noida or bangalore
@[Prototype] • 23 Nov, 2012
I have read about the courses i think dssd would be more appropriate for me.. i want to know which centre is best suitable for dssd course hyderabad, noida or bangalore
That being said, DAC course is best for CSE candidates and gives maximum possibility of placement amongst any other courses available.

For centres, I dont know about DSSD, but Pune is #1 for all courses available there. Other than that, HYD and Bangalore are amongst top ranking centres.
@Shankar Nampalli • 16 Dec, 2013 sir which centere is best for divesd
@joydip mitra • 11 Jan, 2016 DSSD IN DAC HYDERABAD IS IT GOOD?

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