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Whether we will be taught about robotics in college?

Question asked by aman_gupta in #Robotics on Feb 10, 2010
aman_gupta · Feb 10, 2010
i don't know whether it is right to post here.
i m a student of electronics first year (B.E)(AICTE approved) . i want to know that whether we will be taught about robotics in college or we have to do on our own? i mean if robotics is a subject in our syllabus or not.
also please guide me whether first year is the right time to build robots in fests , if not then what is the right time to start and how ?
i know only basic electronics and nothing else and not about robotix. Posted in: #Robotics
gaurav.bhorkar · Feb 10, 2010
Rank B2 - LEADER
Hello Aman!

Welcome to CE!

If robotics is in your university syllabus, then it must be taught to you. Check the syllabus of your university as different universities have different syllabuses.

If you're very much interested in robotics, get started right away. But be sure to manage your 1st year studies.
thechamp · Feb 12, 2010
Rank D1 - MASTER
i am a mechanical and automation student, and robotics is being taught to us in 6th sem as a part of syllabus. I dont know about ECE guys though. but it should be in their course too(depends on college curriculam)
as gaurav mentioned, dont wait for college to teach you robotics, even if its in your course you will not be taught that thouroughly and deeply. its nothing more than controlling a hardware through programs
go and learn micro-controllers and programming.

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