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@Manish Goyal • 27 Mar, 2010
Me with my two friends went for a dinner ..we paid 75 rs as a bill but manager gives us a concession of 5 rs.out of which 2 rs are taken by waiter and he return 3rs to us which we distribute among each other equally
so it means we gave 24+24+24 rs which is equal to 72 ,2 rs are in pocket of waiter so there is total of 72+2=74 where is my one rupee ?
can anyone tell me?
@Kaustubh Katdare • 27 Mar, 2010 Total Bill: 75 (Initial) - 5 (concession) + 2 (waiter) = 72.

Each one spent 24, which makes total 72.

I hope its clear 😀
@Manish Goyal • 27 Mar, 2010 correct biggie 😀
or we can say it is matter of 72 rs after payment not 75 rs
@anzaan • 30 Apr, 2010 the total bill is 72rs. u dnt need to add 2rs over tat.
tats where the mistake lies.
@vishnu priya • 30 Apr, 2010 75 is your bill amount and you get 3 rupees as concession(after giving the waiter)which means 72 will be the actual amount paid,.,.3 of you share it for 24 rupees,.,,.now it goes right,.,.,.I dont understand where does your one rupee go??Is there anymore one rupee balance?Why did you get confused???Now i am!!
@Manish Goyal • 30 Apr, 2010 @priya My only answer Mathematics is itself a great confusion

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