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While accessing Whatsapp via Web if you are getting error "Trying to reach phone, make sure your phone has an active internet connection" along with "retrying in x seconds" message - you've come to the right place. I was getting the same error message even after successfully scanning the QR code. I spent a lot of time finding out the proper fix for the issue and finally found out few ways to establish a successful connection between phone and Google Chrome. Here are few ways you can address WhatsApp (web) phone connection issues:-

How WhatsApp Web Works:

The desktop based Whatsapp connection is NOT a standalone application. It's simply a mirror of your whatsapp application on the browser. That is, all the action happens on your phone and if your phone is NOT connected to the Internet via a good 3G or local wi-fi connection; the service won't work. That's why you need to find the solution to the problem at two areas: phone connection and your computer connection. Here's a step by step guide to troubleshooting -

Check Phone Connection Related Issues:

This is the first check you should perform. Can you access whatsapp normally on your phone? If yes, skip this section and head over to the next section to check for computer connection issues. If you are having issues with whatsapp not working with your local wi-fi or 3G / 2G connection try the following-
  • Restart your phone : fixes lots of issues
  • Ensure you've the latest version downloaded from Google Play Store
  • Turn off and then turn on wi-fi connection - check if whatsapp can retrieve messages
  • Turn off and then turn on your data connection - tap on the data settings and see if whatsapp can access its message servers
  • Check if you've accidentally turned on airplane mode
  • Check if you've restricted 'background data'?
  • Does internet work normally for other apps like GTalk? If not, you will need to configure your APN settings. You'll have to contact your telecom service provider for this.
  • Try restarting your wi-fi router if you prefer accessing Whatsapp via local internet.
  • Last try: Completely uninstall and then re-install Whatsapp.
Checking Computer Connection:

Note that your computer will continuously need an active Internet connection in order to keep messages in sync with your phone. In Windows or uBuntu or OSX - there are menus available to inform you whether you've an active Internet connection. Please check it once. If everything seems in place - try the following:-
  1. On https://web.whatsapp.com , press : Menu button
  2. Select the option that says "Log out".
  3. Click on the 'refresh' button on your browser and load the URL again.
  4. Tap on menu settings in your whatsapp -> Tap on WhatsApp Web option
  5. Let the QR scanner turn on - and hold your phone at right distance from the QR code displayed on your computer screen.
  6. Make sure that the camera can focus properly so that the app can scan QR code without any issues.
  7. WhatsApp should now be able to authenticate your phone and establish a connection.
Also keep in mind that the service is currently Chrome only. You cannot use it with Firefox or Safari web browsers. If you continue facing issues, logging in to the web version and get the error message, do let me know. I will try my best to provide a fix. Also - if you know a better way to address this problem, please share it below.
@FRISOtto • 26 Aug, 2015 At this very moment the web application doesn't even show itself. The application only shows a message stating my computer is not connected to the internet. This is clearly not true, because I can still access websites and even post a reply to this thread :/ At a point, I did get to see a 'log out' button which I clicked and it did log me out, though it still says the pc is not connected to the internet. I'm still receiving messages on my phone and I'm able to send them. Is this a bug in the web app?
@Vivekanand A • 05 Oct, 2015 I am not getting whatsapp on PC on Firefox.. ON Android it is ok working.. But on PC connecting to Mobile .....retry and Retry.. does not work..all websites QR scan All Ok.. what is missing ?? can you help
@shafi8088 • 05 Nov, 2015 I had the same issue and i found a way to overcome this... Recently i started using Torch browser where before i have been using chrome for whatsappweb. So the issue was that, i was not completely got logout whatsappweb from chrome and started connecting in torch.. Soo first you go to ur previous browser and try to connect or clear history and everything and try to use in ur new browser whatever the browser is...
@fayyadh • 27 Mar, 2016 i had the same issue after i use chrome. and did use firefox as well. with trigger that my first number problem with whatsapp web bcoz when i use my second number and use it to the whatsapp web same browser it works well. please help me
@fayyadh • 27 Mar, 2016 i had the same issue after i use chrome. and did use firefox as well. with trigger that my first number problem with whatsapp web bcoz when i use my second number and use it to the whatsapp web same browser it works well. please help me
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