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Whatsapp goes down on New Year's Eve; resumes about an hour later



Mon, 01 Jan 2018

It seems WhatsApp has had a rough entry in 2018 with the messaging service going down on the New Year's Eve, leaving users all across the globe disappointed. In India, the app stopped working few minutes post-midnight but resumed working soon. However, in other countries, the app did not resume before an hour of outage. A WhatsApp spokeswoman acknowledged that users faced a brief outage and informed that the issue has been resolved.


Much to the relief of its users, the app started sending and receiving messages and new year greetings normally soon. According to WhatsApp, the cause of the outage was not immediately known. Confused users started to check their connections at first and then started to discuss on social media platforms. Twitter was flooded with complaints and #Whatsappdown was trending.


Prima facie, it appears that the reason for the crash could be overloaded servers although no official statement explaining the cause has yet been released. This outage was however not the first one. WhatsApp has faced some outages previously as well, the most recent one being on December 1, 2017. Notably, WhatsApp has one billion plus users worldwide out of which about 200 million users are Indians, making India its largest market.

Source: Reuters

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