• Kaustubh


    MemberAug 29, 2013

    What's the Ultimate in Robotics?

    Robotics is one of my favorite topics. Though I didn't get a chance to study the domain, I never skip any update on robots and machines. I wonder what'd be the ultimate stage in Robotics? Or it's a never ending subject?

    For example, with the technological improvements, we're getting closer and closer to developing sensors and other electronic equipments that mimic human senses. Maybe some day, we'll cross a stage in artificial intelligence that'd make the computers just as intelligent as humans. So on one hand, it looks like the ultimate in robotics will be a 'form of' humans - capable of thinking, acting, having emotions etc.

    Once that stage is crossed, there will be robots that will be able to build the next generation of robots! If you give this cycle a bird's-eye view; we'll ultimately be creating 'super-humans' (robots).

    Or do you think there will be technological limitations that will stop the growth of electronics and robotics at one stage?
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  • Nayan Goenka

    MemberAug 29, 2013

    I am sure you might have seen the movie Transformers. That is the beginning of Super Advanced Multi- High Tech ROFLMAO Robots. And they also have the feature of self reproduction. that is some serious stuff. And I wish we should not be around to see that day when robots have their own kids. We are already over-populated.
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