@Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran • 10 Sep, 2013
I had seen many movies in which heroes used to put sugar/sand inside the petrol tank to seize the engine But is it true that the engine got seize or is there any other explanation for it?

Also I was told that pouring water inside the petrol tank will lead to great problem in engine as petrol floats over the water.Please give technical background for it?
@zaveri • 12 Sep, 2013 • 1 like the reason why an engine would stall when water is poured in the tank is simply that water is not a combustible substance or fuel.

As for sand , it is a substance which is used to extinguish fire, so therefore when added in the tank and sent along with the fuel, to the engine, it must be preventing the power stroke from taking place, and hence stalling the engine.

As for sugar, i think the reaction with petrol would be something different and far more complicated, because after all sugar too is a carbon compound (C6 H12 O6)
@Ramani Aswath • 19 Sep, 2013 Here is an authentic report on sugar in petrol:
@Anoop Kumar • 19 Sep, 2013
Here is an authentic report on sugar in petrol:
I like the last paragraph. To get revenge just sprinkle sugar below the petrol tank 😉
@steviethackary • 20 Nov, 2013 Good job i appreciate your information.


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