What will be the price of cheaper iPhone in India?

I'm already fed up of reading the rumors about the new, cheaper iPhone being developed by Apple. It's just a matter of few weeks (I guess) that Apple will launch a cheaper version of their flagship phone. It'll be lower in hardware specs (processor, RAM, storage capacity) but the main concern will be the price.

Wondering what will be the price of cheaper iPhone in India? Do you think Apple will make it available in the Rs. 20k price range?


  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
    I don't know whether I the news I heard from internet sources are correct or not. From what I've heard, the budget iphone doesn't have that lower specification of hardware which can cost you cheaper than Samsung's mid-rand phones.
    However as they've used cheaper body & decreased the specifications of camera.
    But the change in two hardware sectors doesn't declines the cost by huge margin.

    If Apple launches the new budget phone in 20K in India, then most of mid-range users will switch to Apple than Samsung, as India is all about "Brand Name".
    If it will be more than 26K, then it won't be worth it as iphone 3G also costs same.

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