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What to do to seek a job in IT field?

Question asked by Rhutuja Tale in #Coffee Room on Sep 13, 2018
Rhutuja Tale
Rhutuja Tale · Sep 13, 2018

Hi, I'm a computer engineer and my pass out year is 2016   So it's becoming difficult to get a job in IT field . What should I do to get a job in IT field ?What are the sources to explore about the openings ?

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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Sep 15, 2018
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@Rhutuja welcome to CrazyEngineers. 

You are right, it's actually difficult to secure a job in IT field these days. One one hand, the entrepreneurs and the business owners complain that they are unable to find good, quality engineers and on other hand, engineers complain that there are no good jobs.

There's a mismatch between supply and demand for sure. 

Thanks to automation, that most of the mundane jobs are getting replaced; and so are the engineers who were doing them for years altogether. The problem is that engineers haven't upgraded their skills-set to keep up with the changing times and that means the gap between what the industry demands and what the fresh graduates bring to the table is widening.

The blame partly goes to the education system as well. I've not seen even one engineering college that actually prepares the engineering students for the real world jobs. 

Most of them are after pocketing money from parents of engineering students. I'm appalled that most of the engineering colleges advertise 'placements' as one of the biggest criteria for securing admissions. 

Then there are colleges that bring external trainers or tie-up with personality development institutes that teach students all the things that don't really matter. 

The situation is really bad!

Yet, securing a good job in IT is possible!

 ...and it's done through right approach towards 'preparing for the job'. Preparing for campus placements, or walk-ins or even the interviews needs a systematic preparation (1 - 3 months) and no one has a clue how to do that.

For example, think about it - can anyone really stand out of the crowd by being like everyone else? No, right? 

I'm planning to do a series or say a course on how to parepare systematically for IT jobs and launch it here on CrazyEngineers. I hope to be able to do that really soon. 

In the mean time, I want you to start focusing on your engineering subjects and build some serious programming skills. It's possible to do it just by investing 2 hours daily and using some free and paid online resources. 

All the best!

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