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@freak16 • 28 Jan, 2011
I had a gd today for alstom internship and it was worst.
THe topic is the pros and cons of credit card.
But i never use it so i dont know much so i could not speak nothing.
I am not selected.
CEans you must go through numerous of GD.
Can you please tell me what to do in such situations and what should be done to improve on this arena.
Please CEans dont dissppoint me.
give me your views
@narayana murthy • 28 Jan, 2011 I never in GD conducted by companies but i had in my class level in labs
our sir told about this situation he told as lisen to the others and convey your openion in end as you know all
this may be difficult i think, but possible when i thought about it personally
so,we can take this choice or asking to change the topic before starting of the GD
@CEans: correct me if i am wrong
@Kaustubh Katdare • 28 Jan, 2011 The reason I keep telling every CEan to look beyond their textbooks is because unless engineering students open their minds to new things, it's going to be very difficult in the 'outer world'. We've an excellent resource here on CE through different threads and discussion and there's VoiCE [ VoiCE | CrazyEngineers ] help everyone keep updated with the latest in the world and add to their general knowledge.

...isn't it way better than killing your time on facebook?

Anyway. It helps to have 'some' idea about the common topics. Now that you didn't know anything about Credit Cards, you could have done the following -

1. Make a mental note of points discussed.
2. Use your own logic to come up with something related to why credit cards would have been invented and what problems they solve.
3. You could have extended the same logic by thinking about what could be the disadvantages of it and combine your thoughts with points shared by others to come up with your own points.
4. Pick up someone's point and continue with it and be active in the discussion than being a silent observer.

A Group Discussion is a discussion - not debate. When you don't know anything - listen to what others have to say and then extend that topic by adding new thoughts.

But be assured that unless you've a general reading it's difficult to come up with anything. I STRONGLY recommend all CEans to read all our VoiCE articles, express comments and discuss it with fellow CEans.

Where else in the world would you get so helpful people?
@freak16 • 28 Jan, 2011 NM if you dont speak anything. You feel that you are already out of the game.
I personally felt the same today.. and i have little idea as in basic info about credit card.
but i dont get the chance to put that because others are speaking so much .
I was speechless..
@narayana murthy • 28 Jan, 2011 @biggie: but it impossible task to remember all the topics in that situation we feel so tensed and we even remember the topic which we mostly learn
so, think about what freak is faced in that situation
and plzz answer what to do in that situation
@freak16 • 28 Jan, 2011 Thanks Biggie..
It was the first GD of my life.
Feeling so relaxed after reading this 😛
I got the idea where i lagged.
And i dont waste time on facebook. I daily read CE- Voice.
@narayana murthy • 28 Jan, 2011 @freak: your too weak in taking chances as you told like that
no one will make you to speak you have to take advantage in any weak point and take the chance
thats not a impossible thing
so concentrate on it before attending to next interview
this is my advice to you
i think they were rejected you for not knowing about it the may be missing of above mentioned skill
and i am sorry to say about it please excuse me if i am harsh
@freak16 • 28 Jan, 2011 NM you may be true but how i overcome with this weakness of mine..
during GD , people were coining such terms of which i m not aware and i could not get the time to grasp the terms like impulse buying , i pin shopping.
I found these terms so alien to me.i got entangled.
I know i need to improve a lot and you ppl ( CEans ) who wouldnot charge anything and give so precious knowledge to you that sometime can change your life.
hats off to CE. May CE live till sun shines and its glory widen into an abyss of infinite thirst!
@narayana murthy • 28 Jan, 2011 @freak: thanks for that
here i have an idea dont much concentrate on subject
my main advice is just become more close to people and dont lose confidence at any cost
think you know all in universe then you dont loose your confidence and another thing is be familiar with new words your coming with

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