What makes a good engineer?

Allan Dale, CEO of Lectronix, thinks a good engineer needs to be curious first, logical second, and have the ability to communicate third. Are these three enough to be successful? Are there other characteristics that are more important?



  • Mr.Don
    An Engineer having curiosity to learn with Logical thinking and the ability to express can make a person good engineer but sometimes a small guess leads to an invention. Now we are living in the world once imagined by someone, so guesses are important too because somebody's dream can become someone's reality. So an engineer with innovative thinking, who can dream, compare with reality, logically, technically having the curiosity to execute his plans with proper communication is a perfect engineer in my view.
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    The best engineers are problem solvers. It can save some time if they've already solved exactly the same problem, but the latest problem may be different in some way. Good engineers may find a solution based on similar experiences, or invent a totally new solution. They look at the "traditional" capabilities of a system or component, and see new, untapped potential.

    The "grammar" of engineering is most easily learned. A good engineer may need only a few days to learn about a new component or technique, and has the ability to apply fundamental technical knowledge within the context of an overall design. Learning the "poetry" of engineering requires much more time and effort, but allows good engineers to incorporate new concepts into original and elegant solutions.

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