What Is Your Desired Cad Software?

Hello! For a designer, a good software is important to design. According to you, what's your desired software?


  • Reya
    For me,the desired software used for designing is AutoCAD 2012 and Inkscape.

    Even Maya is good for 3d modelling/designing.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    The software I used and really loved to create my own 3D designs was 3D Studio Max. I learned most of it on my own. Then I discovered that I was using a pirated copy of it 😲. So I deleted it. GstarCAD (they were our sponsors) is one of the better choices and they're innovative at a faster pace.

    Ignorance is a bliss.
  • Vivien.hugo
    Never heard of Inkscape. GstarCAD is a good software for design.
  • PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    Never heard of Inkscape. GstarCAD is a good software for design.
    InkScape is a SVG Authoring Tool. 😀

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