@SHRIKANT CRAZY • 06 Feb, 2012
Hello all, I am Shrikant - a crazy electrinics engineer from Jalandhar. I want to know details about transition capacitance. can anyone please help me? Any kind of help is appreciated.
@aarthivg • 06 Feb, 2012 TRANSITION CAPACITANCE
A reverse biased PN-junction has a region of high resistivity sandwiched in between two regions of relatively low resistivity. The P-N regions act as the plates of a capacitor and the depletion layer acts as the dielectric
@SHRIKANT CRAZY • 06 Feb, 2012 well...thanks for giving the answer but clarify me this why the reverse biased PN JUNCTION has a region of high resistivity?
@aarthivg • 06 Feb, 2012 • 3 likes Connecting the P type region to the negative terminal of the battery and the N type region to the positive terminal corresponds to reverse bias.

Because the p-type material is connected to the negative terminal of the power supply, the holes in the P-type material are pulled away from the junction, causing the width of the depletion zone to increase. the N-type region is connected to the positive terminal, the electrons will also be pulled away from the junction. Thus, the depletion region widens, and increases with increasing reverse-bias voltage. This increases the voltage barrier causing a high resistance to the flow of charge carriers, thus allowing minimal electric current to cross the p–n junction.
@SHRIKANT CRAZY • 06 Feb, 2012 aarthivg thank you so much
@lalit.joshi • 06 Feb, 2012 • 1 like i think i should also explain mate..... well, when a p-n junction diode as a reverse biased configuration then the negative terminal of battery is connected to the p side of diode and the positive side is connected to the n side. due to which the the electrons are collected to the n side as well as the holes are collected to the p side. due to which the depletion region is increased which works as dielectric having high resistivity and the whole configuration is considered as transition capacitor.

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