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@Naman Agarwal • 02 Jun, 2013
What is the resistance between neutral and earth??
@lal • 02 Jun, 2013 Ideally the resistance between earth and neutral should be zero. But we don't live in a perfect world. So earth resistance and wire resistance come in to action if we measure the resistance between earth and neutral!
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 03 Jun, 2013 Use a meggar and you will find that this resistance will be nearly 60 ohms

But incase of some additional chemicals we can get this down to nearly 10 ohms

That is why the earth rods are immersed in a mixture of Magnesium Charcoal and some other chemicals
@Sindhu Chowdary • 14 Jun, 2013 basically,we consider ground to be at zero potential..that means elecrton can flow to & from earth ..and the workdone in doing so will depend only on the potential of the neutral point u r talking about..since according to the OHMs LAW V= IR, or V/I = means that if ,as I said earlier, there can be easy flow of current(or elecrtrons) ,there would be infinite current flowing in the circuit b/w neutral &earth...which means R=0...
since zero resistance is impossible ,there may be small resistance present.

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