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@vadhiv • 19 Feb, 2009
hi 2 all and i have some general doubts pl ease clarify

1)explain the diff b/w relay ,switch and circuit breaker

2) give with real time practical examples for easily understandable
3) the power from the distrubution side transformer to houses are in the voltage or the current is it ....?

and but our house appliances works with the current or voltage .. how that voltage is converted to currrent
explain me clearly

please clear the dbts

thanks to all
@Kaustubh Katdare • 19 Feb, 2009 Re: what is the d ifference between

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@vadhiv • 20 Feb, 2009 i have modified without local language is it ok now or still i have to modify. please let me know.
@silverscorpion • 20 Feb, 2009 well, relay is a electromechanical switch. Because a relay is able to control an output circuit of higher power than the input circuit, it can be considered to be, in a broad sense, a form of an electrical amplifier. A relay has moving contact inside it which is either closed or open in the idle state. Based on that, it's called normally closed or normally open relay. It can drive more power demanding circuits than electronic switches are capable of.

A circuit breaker essentially breaks the supply voltage to the circuit when a certain threshold is crossed, so that the circuit components are saved from damage. The simple fuse in our home electrical connection can be called a circuit breaker.
@ashuashi • 21 Feb, 2009 nicely explained
@sauravgoswami • 23 Feb, 2009 silvercorpian has given you a good explaination about circuit breakers and relays,well power from distribution tranformer is in Voltage itself and applainces in our houses work in voltage itself,you must have noticed household voltage comes with 2Amp current,so use the correct word power!!! hope you understood
@kanya • 23 Feb, 2009 hai,
the answer given by Mr/Miss/Mrs.Silverscrpion is worthy and u could see how it is applied in large scale if u log to any powerstation's "Switchyard" like TTPS..
@bhargavbagi • 22 Dec, 2011 Hi can any one send me the difference between the isolator & Circuit breaker
@neo23 • 28 Dec, 2011 Circuit Breakers break of the contact either automatically when a relay actuates it or either it can be manually closed or opened by a switch. Whereas Isolaters are operated manually only (in cases when a certain maintenance has to be in switchyards , transmission lines or wherever they are used). An isolator is a totally mechanical equipment. Whereas circuit breakers involve electric circuitry and relays for them to operate.

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