What is the difference between mineral water/UVtreated water/RO water?

I always amazed by the cost price of different waters.(mineral water/RO water/UV treated water).What does the mineral water composed of?Is it safe going for UV treated water,RO rather than mineral water?
What is the reason behind the high cost of mineral water?
(sorry if the question seems stupid buti want to know about it)


  • aarthivg
    Water purification is based on TDS control. This TDS gives us information about how much minerals are present in the water.

    RO water purification: In general water contains ions like calcium, magnesium. In order to remove excess of ions from water, reverse osmosis is used.

    UV treated water: Ultra violet rays are passed in the water which kills bateria but this process does not remove excess of water.

    Mineral water composed of dissolved substance along with gases.
  • KSS Manian
    KSS Manian
    Now one more question raised in my mind.

    Which is good for health?

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