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@renu sharma • 22 Jun, 2013
what is the difference between BJT and power BJT? what are the applications of each of them?
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 22 Jun, 2013 BJT and power BJT are both transistors having different operating voltage levels

For an simple BJT like BC107 the maximum effective operating voltage is 30 V

Whereas the operating voltage of some of power BJT a few 100 volts
@renu sharma • 22 Jun, 2013 what are the applications of each?
@arunchary • 22 Jun, 2013 A power transistor is physically larger, and capable of carrying more current without melting or burning up. Usually a power transistor has a heatsink attached to help remove heat from the device and keep it cool.a normal transistor cant, coming to applications transistors are used in amplification and switching operation and power transistors are in battery charger circuits and power supply circuits(smps) to hold large amount of currents like irf4905 carries heavy drain currents and more power dissipation up to 200w etc.better to go through the datasheet to get better understanding between normal and power transistors.........😀
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 22 Jun, 2013

This resource I found is of little help do have a peep into it this will enlighten you about the difference between the two BJT's a little
@Ahsanul haque • 18 Oct, 2013 Bipolar junction transistor[BJT] types of transistor depends on two types of semiconductor. BJT works like as amplifiers or Oscillators. BJT works as individual discrete components or part of intefrated circuit. Power BJT allows full controm over turn on and turn off operations . I would recommend u that if you need more information then visit Comparing Transistors: BJT vs. MOSFET
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 18 Oct, 2013 • 1 like @Ahsanul haque There is one reason why we still prefer BJT over MOSFET.

Though Mosfet has better input characteristic it lacks one thing that is thermal stability

So for lower end applications and also to bring cost of construction down We prefer BJT over Mosfet

power Mosfet need coolers externally But most of the power BJT have more stable operation in higher temperature and so they don't need more cooling apparatus

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